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A SmartOffice starts with the people that work there.

The SmartOffice:

  • Is designed on the basis of employee needs and supports many different ways of working.
  • Attracts prospective employees and motivates the company’s existing staff.
  • Significantly contributes to increasing staff productivity.
  • Reduces the cost of premises and calibrates support services according to office needs.
  • Contributes to a more sustainable world by optimizing shared resources.
  • Is served by modern technology that ensures effective utilization of resources.

A SmartOffice starts with the employees that work there

As the illustration shows, a SmartOffice is designed around the needs of its employees. People are different and have different professional roles. This leads to a range of needs and demands on the design of the office space. These needs need to be thoroughly mapped before major changes can be implemented, and continuous finetuning is required following the transition to the SmartOffice. Focusing on the needs of the employees ensures that the SmartOffice is well received by your organization.

A SmartOffice increases a company’s attractiveness

Your company’s image is based on a number of factors, where the impression of your premises and office space are an important piece of the puzzle for potential and existing employees. Research indicates that a company doubles its chances of being selected by a recruitment candidate if the company premises are perceived as being pleasant and functional. In the battle over new talent, a SmartOffice, with services customized and delivered to employees on their terms, can be one of the tools for a positive outcome.

A SmartOffice increases productivity

Personnel costs are often a company’s largest cost today, and represent 90% of total cost in some companies. It’s been shown that the physical working environment influences productivity. A SmartOffice, with well-considered design, modern technology and support services can increase perceived productivity by between one and four percent*, which in itself is equivalent to most companies’ rental costs. Optimizing conditions for all employees is an investment that pays off-the right people together with the right conditions generate positive results.

A SmartOffice reduces the cost of premises

Traditional offices have utilization rates below 50%, i.e. half of workplaces are always unoccupied. This means that there is considerable savings potential in reducing office space while simultaneously ensuring that employee needs such as individual work stations and meeting rooms are met. In addition, it’s necessary to consider how costs of operations and maintenance can be optimized, and which type of technology is best placed to support the office in the future.

A SmartOffice is a sustainable, long-term solution

A SmartOffice is also a sustainable, long-term solution. This contributes to an improved environment by optimizing resources such as office space, heating, air quality, etc. This also contributes to a better working environment and increases employee well-being as a result of reduced noise levels, ergonomically designed work stations and improved air quality, for example.

Smart technical solutions are part of a SmartOffice

As a leading service provider, we want to be seen as the most innovative company in the facility management sector. We achieve this by continuously identifying, developing and launching innovative solutions that provide concrete value for our customers and ourselves.

We focuses on understanding how new technology, such as the Internet of Things and mobility can be used to increase attractiveness, productivity, efficiency and sustainability in the office environment.
Alongside our customers, partners and employees, our far-reaching innovation ecosystem identifies, develops and launches selected services under the SmartSolutions umbrella. A few examples of our SmartSolutions follow:

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